Nov 24, 2021

Most everyone I’ve ever spoken with has a story about something that was a treasure to a loved one, but wasn’t a treasure to them.  Mine was Nanny’s dining room hutch.

I’ve moved so many times, bought houses and rented apartments and everytime the conversation included “so where will Nanny’s hutch go?”  That hutch that Nanny loved had somehow become the albatross around my neck.  After our last move, over 3000 miles across the country, Nanny’s hutch ended up in the garage – there was no room for Nanny’s hutch in my new home.  I felt terrible, but it was time, to let the beloved hutch go.

I tried selling it, but no one was interested in a single piece hutch that was 7’ tall and 6’ wide. Who had the room?  I did finally find someone who wanted the hutch, and would give it a new home and purpose of storing all sorts of things.  As the hutch was loaded into the back of a truck, I felt silly waving goodbye and will admit to getting a bit misty eyed, but I also breathed a sigh of relief… Nanny’s hutch had found a new home!