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Owner, Smooth Transitions of NW Washington

Looking back over my various careers, the common threads have always been problem solving, using my organizational skills and best of all, helping people.  I’ve even owned a bakery which definitely required being organized and being able to think on my feet – quickly!

Suzanne WrightAlong with these various careers, I can count over 20 moves as an adult, and with one exception, I’ve packed and unpacked all of them, so I came to the Senior Move Manager career with a great deal of personal “move” experience!  But where I truly honed my organizational skills was as a realtor for 15 years.  For many years this fed my need to be a helper, an organized problem solver and at times, a juggler!  Handling all aspects of multiple real estate transactions at the same time requires being able to stay focused while staying calm when those last-minute changes inevitably happen.

As is often the case, a major life event (the death of my mother) caused me to reevaluate the career I’d loved so much and thus began my search for a way to help people.  However, this time I wanted to focus on helping older adults, and instead of helping them sell their home, I wanted to be more involved in the actual process of getting them ready for that transition. Or, if it made sense, help them modify their current home so they could continue to live there safely for a while longer.

With the goal of offering compassionate and professional services to those experiencing changes in their living arrangements, Google and I spent hundreds of hours together researching, and I found the opportunity for a relatively new career – a Senior Move Manager, which seemed to fit my description of my new career choice.  So I retired from real estate and my dear sweet husband Mike and I sold our house, packed up our belongings and traveled across the country from Asheville, NC and wandered up Interstate 5 until we discovered Bellingham.

A year-long remodel of our 1978 house enabled me to use what I’d learned from becoming a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and after many additional hours of research, I discovered Barbara Morris and Smooth Transitions.  As licensees, each office is unique and offers services that cater to their community’s needs.  This enabled me to become a member of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers), be trained by Barbara, and join the family of 50+ offices across the country as Smooth Transitions of Northwest Washington.

The Story of Smooth Transitions

Smooth Transition - NASMM

Barbara Morris started Smooth Transitions in 1995 in Louisville, KY, after helping her mother-in-law and several other friends with their downsizing and estate dispersal.  From these initial experiences, and her background in hospital public relations and marketing, the concept of Smooth Transitions evolved and ultimately led to helping others start similar businesses in other communities.

In 2002 Barbara and representatives from 22 similar companies met in Arlington, VA to create the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).  From that humble beginning, NASMM has grown to over 900 members, Barbara has retired, and Smooth Transitions is now Smooth Transitions International located in Columbus, OH.